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Post-Roe Resources

Links to resources and support of you or someone you know needs abortion services, or access to birth control:

Planned Parenthood - STL & SWMO Missouri

Pro-Choice America

Missouri Abortion Fund

Hope Clinic | Hope Clinic Foundation, Granite City IL

Aid Access


Midwest Access Coalition

Reproductive Rights.gov

Missouri Family Health Council

Center For Women's Health | Overland Park, KS

Legal Aid for defense Reproductive Care:

Repro Legal Helpline

National Advocates for Pregnant Women (NAPW)

Health Clinics that can provide affordable reproductive health care and birth control for uninsured or low-income patients:

List of Missouri Planned Parenthood Locations

List of Federally Qualified Health Clinics in Missouri

Missouri advocacy organizations for reproductive rights and justice:

Planned Parenthood Advocates - Missouri

Pro-Choice of Missouri

ACLU of Missouri

Ways to get involved:

Find and support pro-choice state house candidate for office near you.

Volunteer at an event with our local pro-choice candidates for state house

Donate to the organizations listed above.

Talk to your friends and neighbors about this issue, and bring them into the resistance.