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IMGL1332 2 Kyle Kerns

HD 94: Kyle Kerns


Who is Kyle Kerns?

Born and raised on a farm near Hale, in rural northwest Missouri, Kyle is a fifth-generation Missourian. The son of a farmer and public school teacher, Kyle is a Democrat who learned early the value of hard work, watching the countless hours both parents poured into their careers. While there were always jobs to do on the farm, his parents made sure Kyle and his three older sisters always balanced their chores with their education. All four went on to graduate from public colleges, with one sister and two brothers-in-law finding careers as public school teachers themselves while his other two sisters work in healthcare (one a speech pathologist and the other a dietician). With his parents raising four kids on their family farm, Kyle also learned the value of financial responsibility, something he carries with him today.

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Reproductive Rights

A woman’s private medical decisions should be made by her and whomever else she chooses to consult.

Roe acknowledged a right to privacy, including women's healthcare, and determined a woman's rights do not end when she becomes pregnant. It struck a balance that relied on science and recognized the complexities involved in every pregnancy.

The government goes too far when it restricts a woman or girl’s freedom to consider her individual circumstances when determining her healthcare needs.


Adequately fund public schools from pre-school to post-high school.

Rely on parent, teacher, and school board partnerships to make decisions in the best interests of their students.

Support for a variety of higher education paths including community college and technical school to equip Missourians for the many career opportunities available in today’s world.


Fully fund Medicaid expansion as approved by voters.

Increase support for mental health care and work to eliminate the stigma attached to discussing mental illness and seeking mental health treatment.

More support for preventive care and healthier living to reduce health care costs.

Senior Care

Reform property taxes so seniors aren’t driven from the homes they've known for years.

Properly fund at-home care to allow senior citizens to age in place as long as they desire.

Hold companies accountable that prey on and take advantage of vulnerable seniors through questionable schemes.