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HD 16: Gloria Young


Who is Gloria Young?

Gloria Young is dedicated to contributing to a more just, equitable, fair, and safer Missouri for all. Gloria's passion for this pursuit is evidenced by her extensive volunteer experience that spans decades. Her involvement includes animal welfare advocacy where she not only volunteered at local shelters but led independent fundraising efforts. She has contributed to efforts aimed at enhancing literacy and nutrition in schools though her passion for education extends beyond the classroom; she has been instrumental in supporting schools to respond effectively to student needs and has been a staunch advocate for justice and academic freedom.

Understanding the critical challenges of housing and food insecurity, she contributed her time and expertise to city-wide initiatives addressing these issues. Her commitment to healthcare accessibility is evident in her work with organizations striving to expand medical care access. Furthermore, Gloria's leadership in grassroots movements for global peace and environmental sustainability has made a significant impact, notably through her involvement in the Northland Community Cleanup initiative, which focuses on improving waste management practices.

Gloria believes deeply in the power of education, justice, and human rights as foundational elements for safer, more inclusive communities. Her anthropological background equips her with a unique perspective on human issues, emphasizing the importance of collaboration and cooperation. As a candidate for state representative, She is dedicated to bringing her extensive volunteer experience, deep-seated values, and willingness to engage with diverse perspectives to the forefront of her campaign, aiming to foster collective solutions to the complex challenges facing Missouri today.

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Individual Rights to Bodily Autonomy

Gloria is a strong proponent of individual rights, especially when it comes to personal medical matters. She firmly believes that a person has the right to make private medical decisions and that discussions around and access to medications and medical procedures should be a private matter solely between care providers and patients.


Studies have consistently shown that housing and food insecurity strongly correlate with increases in violence. To build safer communities, Gloria believes we must prioritize access to quality, stable housing, and nutrition for all. Similarly, research demonstrates that justice systems that function with equity and are accessible significantly improve voluntary participation and cooperation. When people's basic needs are met, they are less likely to engage in harmful behavior. Similarly, Gloria recognizes that reliable access for all to quality mental health services is crucial for the safety and well-being of individuals and communities.

Gloria believes that everyone should be able to enter public spaces without the threat of gun violence. To achieve this, she supports reasonable restrictions on firearm acquisition, ownership, and use that prioritize public safety and personal responsibility.

All of Missouri's citizens should feel safe and are entitled to equal protection under the law. Gloria is committed to working towards a society where everyone, regardless of their background or beliefs, can live without fear.

Local and regional safety are inextricably linked to national and global security concerns. Gloria supports investing in local policies that reflect an understanding of how committing to justice and diplomacy at the international level contributes to a safer world for all.


Gloria understands that our health and well-being are deeply connected to the health of our environment. The air we breathe, the water we drink, and the spaces we occupy all have a profound impact on our physical and mental health. To protect the health and safety of our communities, we must prioritize the integrity of these shared resources. This includes establishing and enforcing reasonable standards for industry, investing in the protection of natural spaces, improving our green spaces and access to them, and expanding our use of renewable energies.


District 16 is home to excellent schools, Gloria and her family moved to the Northland motivated largely by a school system well-known for excellence and student support. Gloria believes focusing on access to quality pre-K programs helps make sure children are school-ready and that supporting our schools and educators ensures that future generations are well-prepared for the world ahead. Ensuring that our schools remain well funded and maintain access to the community resources they need will be a top priority. Gloria is dedicated to ensuring that teachers are properly compensated and supported in their critical roles. A well-educated populace is a key to successful communities.