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HD 89: Eric Morse


Who is Eric Morse?

I'm a parent, not a politician. My speeches on the house floor are delivered to an audience of tweens, and my policies address the regulation of screen time, or the personal responsibility of finishing homework.
I love living in the place where I grew up, working at the school where my parents taught for over 30 years. But like any parent, I will not sit by while my children are in harm's way—as schools become war zones, freedoms are stolen, and healthcare is denied. I grew up in a Missouri that valued community, personal safety, and individual liberty. We weren't held captive to partisanship; we elected representatives to fight on behalf of everyday families.
Today, that representation is gone. For too long, the elected officials in District 89 have been more concerned with the special interests of donors, Super PACS, and corporations than with our well-being. Today's Show Me State is unrecognizable to the one I grew up in.
If this is the Show Me State, it's time for all of us to stand up and say, show me how your policies protect our children; show me how your laws elevate liberty; show me how our public servants serve citizens, not just ginned-up Washington culture wars.
We have the duty and opportunity to step up for our kids, stand with our neighbors, and reclaim our communities—to demand a legislature that gets results. After all, isn't that what you would do for your kids?

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Reproductive Rights

This country was founded on the concept of self-determination. From the Declaration of Independence—the inalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness—to the entire Bill of Rights (not to mention most of the Constitutional Amendments since then), our individual right to privacy, to govern our own bodies, and to pursue our own purpose have guided the growth of this nation. And until 2022, these rights have never been reversed.

Missouri's draconian abortion ban is dangerous, invasive, and un-American. Today in Missouri, pregnant women are dying because their doctors are not allowed to provide lifesaving care; young girls are forced to give birth to their rapist's children, and the great women of this great state are being treated as little more than vessels.

I am in this race because I am a family man, who believes that family decisions are best made by the family and the family alone. A vote for Eric Morse is a vote to restore respect and sanity to the Missouri State House by restoring the right to choose to Missouri's women.

Gun Safety

The final straw that pushed me into this race happened on a Friday morning in February, when a student walked into my children's school with a gun in her backpack. Gun safety is not something we in West County take lightly. Survey after survey shows a steady and increasing support for background checks, red flag laws, safe storage, and other common sense gun safety policies.

I was raised here in Town and Country by a teacher who was a retired Marine Corps marksman and artillery forward observer. He taught me respect for guns—that guns are powerful and potentially destructive weapons, not to be handled carelessly or by those unfit to handle the responsibility. This is the policy of the United States military, and this policy should be applied to our communities as well.


I was raised here in Town and Country by two lifelong teachers, and I returned here so I could work for an educational institution and provide an excellent education to my four kids.

In our district, we don't just value an excellent education; we demand it. We expect a high-quality learning environment—safe, up to date, respectful and inclusive, expertly and intentionally led.

Missouri's teachers are among our greatest resources. Any parent who lived through the "home schooling" of the pandemic knows just how hard the job of a teacher can be, and our teachers deserve to be professionally compensated.