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National Democratic Training Committee

NDTC Expert Q&A: Climate Change at the Local Level

In 2023 alone, climate disasters have made headlines, displaced communities, and posed existential challenges to many Americans’ daily lives.

From flooding in the south to horrible air quality in the northeast, the demand to address climate solutions has only increased.

Democrats use this urgent issue as a focal point on the campaign trail to drive the votes needed to win – and bring about real solutions.This is no longer an abstract issue; climate change tangibly affects local communities. Whether you are a candidate, a campaign staffer, or a local leader it is essential to understand how to organize, message, and address the impact of climate change in your own community.

This panel will bring together top Democratic leaders in the fight for climate justice. They’ll discuss actionable ways to inspire voters in your community, plus key insights into combating climate misinformation from the right.

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