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HD 47: Adrian Plank


Who is Adrian Plank?

Adrian grew up in a family that struggled financially. His father worked 3 part-time jobs and there was never enough money. Food stamps helped some. Eventually, his Dad landed a union job at the Thomas Hill Power Plant.

Adrian owned a small business; he and his workers traveled the country installing granite in motels. Adrian had 3 crews with 3 to 4 workers per crew and instead of grabbing more profit, Adrian paid his employees a good wage and provided health insurance, workman’s comp, and a safe working environment.

And in December 2007 came the recession. Adrian didn’t get paid for some jobs he had completed and as the months rolled by, there were fewer and fewer jobs coming in. In 2010, he let the last employee go and officially dissolved my business.

In 2016 Adrian had the opportunity to join a union. He had seen the benefits of a union job in his father’s life. As a union member Adrian found new life; He joined grassroots organizations to make changes regardless of how small those changes might be. Adrian is a deeply concerned citizen. He wants to see a better Missouri for his daughter, for all children and for all of us. Adrian will carry your voice to the Missouri House of Representatives. A vote for Adrian Plank is a vote for all of us.

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From the youngest to the oldest of us, we all need a family. Family is the rock you lean on when times are tough. Family is the source of our greatest happiness and support. Without family, my father couldn’t have found his way through the hard days working three jobs. Without family, I couldn’t have found my way through those tough days after the ‘08 recession. When I look into my wife and daughter’s eyes, I know I’m standing up for and fighting for family. I know so many other Missourians are doing the very same. When people ask, “Who are you fighting for?” I’m proud to say, I’m fighting for family.

Hard Work

I’m a firm believer in sticking to a job and putting your heart and soul into it. As a carpenter I’ve done a lot of backbreaking work, but I know that when the sweat gets in your eyes you gotta grit your teeth and fight through it. I’ve never been one to step away from a job just because it isn’t easy. I know that taking the fight for working families to Jefferson City won’t be easy, but the easy thing is rarely the right thing. No matter how difficult it is, I’ll always stand up for the hard-working Missourians of the 47th.


Throughout my life, I’ve learned the true value of standing together. When my father got a union job, it changed my family forever. He was able to put food on the table with one job, not three. That kind of bargaining can make the difference between having to work an extra shift and being able to spend the evening with your kids. When I got a union job I was able to make an honest living and support my family doing it, without sacrificing time with the people I love the most. The other folks want to tear us apart. They divide us up by race, religion, class, sexual orientation and background, but I know that together we can make everyone’s lives better. I see it every day, and if you stand with me, so will you.


We have a limited number of resources on Earth, and very few of them are renewable. I believe we must conserve and protect what we have. I will stand for conservation-minded farming practices to protect our water and soil. I will protect our beautiful state parks and stand for the natural resources of our state. In the words of Theodore Roosevelt, “Do not let selfish men or greedy interests skin your country of its beauty, its riches or its romance.”