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Sauls Robert Website

HD 21: Robert Sauls


Who is Robert Sauls?

Robert Sauls was born and raised in Independence, Missouri. The son of a single mother, Robert and his sister were raised in a one bedroom house. His mother worked tirelessly as a factory worker to put food on the table and make ends meet.

Robert‘s mother taught him to work hard and to use his voice for those who did not have one. That was the motivation behind Robert’s ambition to become an attorney. Robert hopes to continue to use his voice to speak for his constituents in Jefferson City.

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Strengthening the Middle Class

Robert believes that a strong middle class is essential to a vibrant and powerful economy. We need to invest in people by increasing the minimum wage while working to strengthen and protect organized labor by opposing right to work, and protecting prevailing wage.

World Class Education

Robert believes that we need to increase educational opportunity and access to education by investing in technical schools, increasing public funding for state colleges, and fully funding and protecting K-12 education. Robert will oppose vouchers as well as the further privitization of the education system.

Criminal Justice Reform

Robert believes criminal justice reform is one of the most important steps necessary to protecting our families and keeping our children and communities safe. Robert would do this through investing in treatment based drug reform, properly funding drug courts and ensuring harsher sentences for violent crime.