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HD 12: Jamie Johnson


Who is Jamie Johnson?

Jamie Johnson is a proud Northlander and has spent the last 17 years investing in this community. When she and her family were displaced from New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina, they took it as an opportunity to invest here instead. The strength of Jamie’s dedication to service can be attributed to the military family she grew up in, her father served in the Army and 11 other members of her family are retired from military service.

Jamie holds degrees in Urban Planning and Design and Organizational Development Psychology from the University of Missouri-Kansas City and Avila University but she attended New Orleans' public school system in her formative years. Currently, Jamie is a human resources professional at a large financial services organization in Kansas City, and for much of her professional career, she has been in industries that help people in a variety of ways. She aims to continue to be of service to the community by becoming the district’s first representative, authentically advocating for her neighbors, and helping to move Missouri forward through inclusive policy. She believes everyone deserves a community that makes us feel welcomed, safe, and supported.

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As a mom of three and a product of public education in New Orleans, LA, I know firsthand the power of a good education and caring teachers. Missouri currently ranks 49th in the nation in public school funding, yet our public education is under attack. I will endeavor to ensure Missouri public education is fully funded so our teachers can teach and our children can access the quality learning they all deserve.

Veterans Support

I grew up in a military family. My father and nine of my aunts and uncles are all prior or retired military, so I know from firsthand experience that Missouri’s V.A. hospitals are chronically under-supported and systemically backlogged. I have seen how long it takes for our veterans to receive the proper medical treatment, emotional support, and mental health services they deserve. With the added stressors of the COVID-19 global health crisis, these issues in our V.A. healthcare systems have only been exacerbated. I am committed to crafting and championing legislation that supports those who have pledged their service in defense of our freedoms.


Our forefathers declared that life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are inalienable human rights, yet our costly healthcare system bars many Missourians from establishing the optimal health they need to live happily and freely. As a Human Resources professional, I hear from many people who can’t afford employer-subsidized health insurance, or who fear that a single sick day will leave bills unpaid. The voters of Missouri spoke up at the ballot box and chose to expand Medicaid in order to alleviate these woes, and I will defend that choice in our state legislature.

Gun Safety

My family’s military background taught me a lot about being a dutiful, law-abiding citizen, including what it means to responsibly own and operate legal firearms pursuant to our 2nd Amendment rights. I will defend safe, lawful gun ownership while working to prevent hazardous, irresponsible, or illegal weapon possession and use. We must protect our constitutional rights while also protecting our kids from senseless gun violence or accidents.