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HD 100: Helena Webb


Who is Helena Webb?

Helena Webb and her family have called Ballwin home for over a decade.

Helena and her husband, Don, are both small business owners.

Helena has been a writer and producer of corporate sales training workshops in the business meeting industry for over 14 years. Don is a graphic artist and has been self-employed for over 25 years.

Their son, Milton just graduated from Henry Elementary school. He enjoys taekwondo and singing in the St. Louis Children's Choir Chorale.

Helena was introduced to local politics in 2017 when she filled a vacancy as Democratic Committeewoman for Lafayette Township. She decided to run for State Representative for District 100 because the concerns of too many citizens were going unheard.

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Respect your vote

Helena believes elected officials should respect the people's decisions on ballot votes. Helena believes in the democratic process and not political tricks.

The MO Legislature should stop spending time and taxpayer money to overturn our vote.

West County is full of extremely educated voters. District 100 Voters overwhelmingly voted YES for CLEAN MO, YES for Minimum Wage reforms, and NO for RTW.

  • Incumbent Grier voted to ignore the will of the people on CLEAN MO. Grier voted for "Dirty Missouri" because thinks his political bosses know more than the intelligent, well-informed voters of our district.

Keep our schools strong

We know that educational opportunity is the key to future success in life.

Locally, our children are fortunate to have some of the best schools in the state.

As our schools adapt to a COVID-19 reality, we must protect the students and taxpayers of Parkway and Rockwood School Districts from budget cuts, and keep our schools strong.

When it comes to charter schools, some do offer an alternative for families in areas with failing schools. However, charter school expansion state-wide means cutting Parkway and Rockwood budgets and sharing that money with for-profit schools that do not answer to you, the tax-payer.

  • Incumbent Grier has voted for charter school expansion which, if passed by the legislature will likely bring charter schools to Ballwin and Chesterfield, and cut money out of Parkway and Rockwood budgets.

Increase Economic Opportunity

Missouri can do much more to support innovation, entrepreneurship, and new business startups.

With better state-wide policies for families we can build our economy, improve the image of Saint Louis as a national center for tech, health care, and medical research industries, and make St. Louis a more attractive employment destination.

  • Incumbent Grier voted to undermine women's rights in Missouri when it comes to workplace discrimination.

We must improve our infrastructure - our roads and bridges as well as our internet technologies, and provide a safe, welcoming environment for business and employees.

  • Incumbent Grier has repeatedly voted to gut programs, to limit access to health care, and to keep wages below a living wage. All of these measures weaken Missouri's ability to improve safety and invest in the future.

Keeping our 2-year and 4-year colleges strong and tuition affordable during and after COVID 19 is vital to create the opportunity we need. Creative programs and apprenticeships that partner with business for non-college bound students will improve our talent pool for business.

Promote Gun Safety

We can respect the 2nd Amendment and pass common sense gun-safety laws that help law enforcement keep our communities safe, protect women and children from abusers, and keep guns out of the hands of criminals.

  • Incumbent Grier co-sponsored and voted for legislation nullifying federal law in Missouri, making it illegal for police officers to enforce federal gun laws in Missouri. Since Missouri has very few gun safety laws of it's own, this essentially removes basic safety measures for gun sales. This legislation passed in the MO House.

We do not need more guns in our schools, and Helena will actively vote against legislation to normalize arming teachers.

  • Incumbent Grier skipped a 2020 vote to force school districts to increase armed personnel in all school buildings. The legislation passed in the MO House because politicians like Grier didn't take a stand against it.
  • In 2019 Grier voted in favor of a pork-filled guns-in-schools amendment, nicknamed the "bullet bill" which passed in the House.

Improve MO Healthcare

Missouri’s healthcare system is outdated and inefficient. Shifting to a value-based care system will save lives and reduce costs.*

Helena wants to improve care for all Missourians with a state-wide opioid database, and policies that reduce Missouri's shockingly high infant mortality rates, and a cap on costs for life-saving prescriptions such as epi pens, asthma inhalers, and insulin.

  • Incumbent Grier has repeatedly voted against regulations.

Helena wants to address Missouri's high maternal mortality rate which is on par with some 3rd world countries.

  • Incumbent Grier voted against a modest bill to investigate Missouri's horrible maternal mortality rate. Studies in other states have shown that maternal mortality is not correlated to financial status or drug abuse, but to the fact that pregnant African American women receive inadequate care due to racial bias.

Keeping our citizens healthy must be a priority for the state since our families are the power behind our industries.

  • On March 18th 2020, incumbent Grier voted against giving Governor Parson authority to spend $87 Million to purchase Personal Protection Equipment and Ventilators, instead supported waiting for Federal Dollars to help our doctors and nurses and COVID 19 patients.

*2019 Greitens/MO-commissioned McKinsey report

Defend Reproductive Freedom

The government should not be involved in the deeply personal medical decisions women and men face, and should not prevent people from accessing the care they need in accordance with their own religious beliefs.

Education and affordable access to birth control is key to preventing unplanned pregnancies and reducing abortion rates.

Preserving access to safe, legal abortion care especially in cases of incest and rape saves women's lives.

Helena will defend the legal right to access contraception, fertility treatment, IVF, and abortion care.

  • Incumbent Grier voted for the 8-week abortion ban without exceptions for rape and incest.
  • Missouri's extremist laws require a medically unnecessary 72 hour delay, a medically unnecessary pelvic exam, and bans private insurance coverage.
  • The pro-life movement has publicly opposed Medicaid expansion on the grounds that more women will have access to contraception which they believe is abortion.

Helena will work to prevent tax-payer dollars from propping up fake women's health centers who provide medically inaccurate information to women.

  • Current Missouri law also protects these facilities from legal prosecution for providing medically inaccurate information.