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HD 16: Fantasia Bernauer


Who is Fantasia?

Fantasia is a passionate northlander, mother, and educator. Her main focus centers around equality, education, mental health, bodily autonomy, and the legal system. Fantasia believes that basic human needs should not be a struggle to obtain. After a decade teaching science she discovered that the district was going to the polls unopposed. That didn't feel like democracy. Please join Fantasia on her journey to help Missouri be a place where our people can thrive!

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Quality, accessible, and affordable healthcare (including mental health care) is human right. It is time that basic necessities of life are a reality for all.

As your state representative, I’ll support common sense measures like fully funding Medicaid, new measures to ensure all have access to mental healthcare/gender affirming medicine.


Every child should have access to free, quality public education regardless of their zip code. As your representative, I will work to strengthen our public schools and fully fund our commitment to our kids.

I will support universal early childhood education, because investing in our kids from an early age is the best way for us to invest in our future. I will also push for education reform, as I have seen the struggles our students are facing for a decade, and I do not want them to suffer any longer. I will advocate for mental health education in schools. I will push for education that is focused on the wellbeing of our children, and not teaching for state testing.


Every year for the past two decades, the Missouri Non-Discrimination Act (MONA) has been filed, only to be blocked. MONA would allow basic protections to our LGBTQ community by adding sexual orientation and gender identity to Missouri’s Human Rights Act.

Missourians should not have to fear losing their jobs or being denied housing for who they love—discrimination that is currently completely legal in our state.

As your state rep, I will work for a Missouri that welcomes people regardless of race, religion, gender, age or sexual orientation, and protects all people from discrimination.

Reproductive Rights

Every person should have the autonomy to make decisions about their body and their life.
As your state rep, I will stand for the right to make the best decisions about their healthcare for their own lives.