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Colin Lovett 2022 Colin Lovett

HD 100: Colin Lovett


Who is Colin Lovett?

Colin Lovett grew up in Ballwin where he graduated from Parkway South, earned his Eagle Scout, and played little league baseball. He and his husband, Brett, had the opportunity to buy his grandparents’ home in the same neighborhood where his parents first met. With their daughter, 2 dogs, and 2 cats, they’re growing their family in the same place he started. Their whole, modern family believes in authenticity, equality, humility, and trust. Colin serves as President of his Home Owners Association. District 100 is his home, and he’s running to represent the entire district in Jefferson City.

Colin graduated from the University of Missouri St. Louis with an undergrad degree in mathematics and business administration, and later with a Master’s in Business Administration. His professional career spans experience in regulatory rate optimization, sales, education, and currently corporate pharmacy benefit management. He is also a small business owner in LGBT media as an owner of #Boom Media. Colin served in volunteer leadership roles in the Greater St. Louis community, serving on the boards of LGBT community and arts organizations, including the LGBT Center of St. Louis and the St. Louis Civic Orchestra.

  • As a small business owner, Colin knows firsthand the challenges in balancing budgets and making the tough decisions to serve your customers, supporting your employees, and having enough left to support your family and make it worthwhile
  • As an Eagle Scout, he believes in giving back to his community and will take his moral compass and passion for service to Jefferson City
  • As a responsible gun owner, Colin believes Missouri needs common sense measures to make access to guns safer, while maintaining our second amendment rights
  • With professional experience in healthcare, he understands the complexities of the industry and will work to increase our ability to provide healthcare coverage to as many people as possible and reduce fraud, waste, and abuse
  • Most importantly, as a son, husband, and dad, Colin will fight for your family just as hard as he fights for his own. We all want Missouri to be a safe place to raise our kids and start a business, enjoy good quality of life, and have access to quality schools.

Colin is from the district and has the education, experience, empathy, and ability to listen to diverse perspectives. As a gay man, he knows firsthand what it's like to face discrimination. Colin will be a voice of reason and fight for our community's dignity and rights to live, thrive, and grow in Missouri. He will work hard every day to drive the Missouri House of Representatives to act with integrity and create a welcoming environment for all people. Colin will collaborate with other elected officials to get things done in the Capitol instead of wasting time and tax dollars, and especially opportunities to do good things for our people.

We don’t need another politician in office – we need a fellow citizen, a neighbor, a friend. Colin Lovett will be that for all of District 100. A voice for the real Missouri.

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The Economy

    • We must get our economy open and fired up again after COVID-19
    • Missouri is losing current business and future opportunities due to controversial legislation like abortion bans, anti-trans bills and the overturning of Medicaid expansion
    • I support legislation that will address inflation, bring needed jobs to the state, and keep our economy strong


    • Abortion care is health care and we must do everything possible to ensure all people have access to the safe and affordable care and resources they need to make informed decisions about their bodies, lives, and futures
    • All Missourians have a right to affordable, decent heath care
    • We shouldn’t have to choose between life-saving medicine and paying rent
    • Healthcare providers should be able to compete without leaving the patient holding the bag

Police Support & Criminal Justice Reform

    • We should equip our police with the tools they need to effectively enforce law and order and maintain public peace and safety, including paying better salaries for putting their lives on the line
    • We should NOT defund the police; I will listen to citizen and officer needs to actually make our streets safer
    • We should provide rehabilitation and opportunities for record-expungement instead of sending people to prison for non-violent drug offenses; we should pair this with access to employment and housing helps break the cycle of poverty and incarceration


    • We must continue to fully fund public education; access to good education is critical for our children’s futures
    • Our tax dollars should go to schools that can be held accountable to teach our kids the skills they need to survive in the real world
    • We don’t need laws that revise or cover up the teaching of our history
    • State government must stop defunding schools and launching frivolous lawsuits for political gain