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MO Jobs Friday! Make Calls for Colby Murphy and Bill Otto!

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Join us to make calls for jobs and union champions Colby Murphy and Bill Otto! Colby is the candidate for State House District 10 in St. Joseph, and Bill is running in the very flippable HD 65 in St. Charles. Your calls are essential to give them the edge by helping to mobilize Democratic voters - these races will come down to mere hundreds of votes.

Why are these calls so important? In 2020, the Missouri State House is ripe to flip Blue! As the long fight to expand Medicaid has made clear, it’s essential to break the GOP stranglehold on our state government. In 2018, some candidates came within 347 votes of flipping their district. That means your calls may be to the voters who will put Colby and Bill over the top - imagine being able to help turn out the few hundred votes we need in these flippable districts. Every call you make with us makes a difference - looking forward to seeing you on Fridays!

Never called voters before? It's fun, it's easy, and it's virtual - you can call from your couch! We'll train you before we start, and be here to answer your questions. There's no time to waste - come use your volunteer super powers to ensure a better future for Missouri!

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