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HD 30: Art Schaaf

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Who is Art Schaaf?

I am asking for your vote for Missouri House of Representative, District 30.

It has been my life mission to help whenever I am able. In preparation to help I have completed a BA degree and a master’s degree in management. I am married (Pamela) with 4 adult kids and 4 grandchildren.

As a recently retired person, I want to do whatever I can to help all of us in District 30 (Blue Springs, Independence and Lee’s Summit) so that we all feel confident our voices have been heard and our opinions understood in the Capital.

You are who matters most in this election and I highly value your thoughts and your beliefs. We will not always agree but I will always be respectful of you, your opinions and I ask that you return the same to me.

There are some basic beliefs that I trust that will help you know me, they are:

  1. I enlisted in the Army at 18 years old to help ensure we have the right to disagree with each other.
  2. I will first listen to understand your point. I will tell you where I stand.
  3. Our democracy works best when there is balance. A super majority today gets us only redirection by the opposition, later.
  4. One person, one vote because big money corrupts.
  5. Every person matters, God Bless the care givers that serve each of us.
  6. A good education and improved opportunities for each of us, helps all of us.
  7. It is critical that we care for the vulnerable, with preventative healthcare at available affordable cost as a minimum.
  8. Our environment requires immediate and sustained action.
  9. We need to better maintain our roads, bridges, buildings and neighborhoods.

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