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HD 95: Ann Zimpfer


Who is Ann Zimpfer?

My name is Ann Zimpfer, and I’m running as the Democratic candidate for state representative of the 95th District. I am encouraged by the early support I have received. I look forward to taking part in the democratic process, to be not only an observer, but an active participant.

I grew up in Cape Girardeau, and my parents instilled the importance of education and community involvement from an early age. My father was on the faculty at Southeast Missouri State University, and my mother was active in the League of Women Voters, serving as president of the local chapter.

I attended Southeast Missouri State University, earning a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Early Childhood Education, and I later earned Master’s degree in Education from Southwest Baptist University. My teaching career began in Festus R-9 School District, but the vast majority of my teaching career has been in the Mehlville School District, starting as a Parent Educator with the Parents as Teachers program and later moving into the classroom. I’ve taught at Point Elementary for the last 16 years. This year will be my last before I retire.

During my years with the Mehlville School District, I have been an active supporter of several ballot initiatives for funding that would enhance our school district. I am a member of the NEA and I’ve served the last four years on the negotiations team, representing our teachers across the district. I also previously served as the NEA building representative for Point Elementary.

My husband, Tim, and I have lived in Oakville for 35 years. We raised two children here, Ryan and Travis. They were educated by the talented teachers in Mehlville School District and Special School District. Our son, Travis, graduated from Oakville High School in 2009.

My husband and I are both actively involved in Team Activities For Special Kids (TASK). We have been active since its inception 24 years ago. Our eldest son was on TASK's first T-Ball team for children with special needs. TASK has expanded, over the years, to serve over 400 families, and we have served in many capacities with this nonprofit organization. My husband currently serves as the President of the Board of Directors, and I teach cooking and STEM classes and sit on the Summer Camp Committee.

I also serve on the Due Process Committee of Sunnyhill, Inc., a non-profit organization that provides services and support for children and adults with developmental disabilities. On that committee, I work with others to acknowledge and protect the rights and responsibilities of Sunnyhill’s clients.

I am a political outsider who knows the importance of compromise and representation. I call the Oakville community my home, and I will work hard to represent it in Jefferson City. Click HERE to begin making calls.

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My belief in the strength of our public education system is a defining part of who I am, and we, as a state, need to re-conceptualize how we educate our children. We should give students the tools they need to succeed, empower and support our teachers, prioritize local control, and pursue more equal distribution of statewide funds. We should also respect the autonomy of private schools.

  • I support a more equitable distribution of funding for public schools across the state.
  • We need to make sure that student learning standards align with developmental ability, and not rush or hinder students so we can teach to their strengths.
  • I support decreasing class size to provide students with more individualized attention from their teachers by making progress toward the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education’s desirable ratings of class size in all districts across the state.
  • Strongly opposed to the expansion of the charter school system, which would take already limited funds away from public schools.


Health care should be affordable and accessible to anyone who needs it. By expanding Medicaid, we ensure that families, children, seniors, and the disabled have their health care needs fulfilled. We also need to adequately treat mental health as importantly as physical health and end the stigma that surrounds so many debilitating mental health issues.

  • I support the expansion of Medicaid coverage.
  • I support legislation that would pass legislation to cap the cost of medications such as insulin and epi-pens.
  • We must address the over-prescription of opioids to fight the opioid crisis in our state.
  • I support expanding access to mental health care.

Empowering the Special Needs Community

Missourians with developmental and physical disabilities deserve the same respect as all citizens of this great state. All too often, bureaucratic red tape denies these Missourians the opportunity to live a fulfilling life with dignity and respect. I pledge to be a voice for this community.

  • I want to ensure workers with special needs have options in their working environment, including sheltered workshops and competitive employment.
  • I support increasing funding for agencies that assist people with special needs so they can recruit and retain quality staff and provide fulfilling opportunities for those with special needs.
  • I would like to streamline the Medicaid and SSI application process for individuals with special needs and adjust the financial limits for these Missourians to qualify for Medicaid.

Worker Protections

My experiences as a negotiator for the Mehlville National Education Association have taught me the power in collective bargaining. Protecting that right is paramount, and I will fight for it. I will also work to ensure our state’s work places serve their employees and join Democrats in their fight to pass the Missouri Nondiscrimination Act. The COVID-19 pandemic has reminded us that every worker at every level is essential, and they deserve to be treated as such.

  • I strongly oppose right-to-work and other anti-worker legislation that would hamper collective bargaining.
  • I unequivocally support the Missouri Nondiscrimination Act. Missourians can currently be fired or denied housing or employment legally for their sexuality or gender identity. That’s unacceptable.